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Beyond the revenue generated by production volume growth, our operating teams have done an outstanding job of cost control by striving for continual improvements in our drilling efficiencies. This success is detailed in the operations report and it demonstrates our significant enhancements spud to rig release times, rig mobilization times, and a 12% overall improvement in the amount of time it takes from spud to spud in our core onshore operating development and drilling operations. As a result we’ve been able to maintain our level of activity with fewer rigs and without increasing capital during a year of sizable service cost increases in the industry..

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The German mobile market service revenues decreased by 4.7% year over year in Q3 according to our market estimates. This is a clear deterioration versus the previous quarter. Despite us still outperforming the competition, our underlying service revenues in the quarter decreased slightly by 1% for the following reasons: intense competition, as already flagged at our Q2 results; new roaming cuts implemented in summer; SMS revenue decline accelerating to 30% year over year; significant lower visitor revenues billed in Q3 versus Q2.

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Vital Points You Need to Know About Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are normally meant for giving the man an enhanced erection for having sex. This pump has grown popular over a period of time.

This has led to curiosity about this device and there is more information on http://penispumpworld.org

http://penispumpworld.orgHow Penis Pumps Work

  • Pumping normally refers to the application of vacuum to a part of the body. The penis pump has two sections; pump and cylinder. Apart from these, you require a lubricant and a band for constriction as well.
  • Pumps can either be manual or electric. The penis is inserted in the cylindrical tube where it is pumped. The cylinders are different from each other in various aspects.
  • These are the bottom, cylinder’s wall, the top and cylinder’s diameter. Apart from these two, the other item you require is the lubricant which you apply on your penis and also the bottom of the cylinder.

Why A Penis Extender Cylinder’s Size Is Important

  • The penis pump’s cylindrical tube is one of its important areas. This is because if you have a pump whose cylinder is small, you would be forced to replace it.
  • Always choose a cylinder which is ¼ inches bigger in diameter than your penis when it is erect. The tube’s difference will assist you in gaining the best balance within the spaces for expansion.

How The Pump Works

  • The main idea of pumping is to raise the flow of blood in the penis.
  • When you begin pumping, the vacuum is formed in the region of the penis, pulling blood to the penis.
  • You can gain two types of sizes using this pump. The first one involves the instant enlargement which you gain temporarily when you use the penis pump.
  • After using the penis pump consistently, you acquire permanent enlargement also.

Effective Use Of The Penis Pump

  • An important factor to consider when utilizing penis pumps is the correct use. Always read the instructions well. Follow the steps below:
  • Apply an amount of lubricant on the penis and on the cylindrical tube’s tip so as to easily insert the penis.
  • Insert your penis slowly inside the tube.
  • http://penispumpworld.orgWhen you begin pumping your penis, a vacuum is created around the penis and blood is drawn into the penis.
  • Stop pumping after utilizing it for some time and slip in the constriction band slowly to the bottom of the penis to sustain the erection.
  • The penis pump can be used for around 10 minutes each day. The constriction band should not be left on for longer than 30 minutes. The best time to use the constriction band is before sex.

An Efficient Alternative To Boost The Female Libido

Tired of trying? Fear not, there are efficient ways of boosting the female libido. The lack of sexual desire is actually very common on the ladies’ side, in fact around 40% of those women who do not have regular intercourse cite this problem as the biggest reason. Of course we don’t have to accept this, there are ways and methods to improve the situation. At this day and age however, there are so many products that promise what we want to hear regardless if it is a scientifically sound promise or not.

Female Libido TalkA good portion of those products isn’t necessarily harmful, but it isn’t helpful either. A simple vitamin complex may prevent you from catching the cold, but it won’t bring back the sexual appetite. In order to achieve a significant change in our sex life, we need to choose quality products that use proven ingredients that has a natural ability to influence our hormonal levels, therefore being able to boost one’s natural libido.

That sounds fine and dandy, but what are those ingredients?

  • Ginseng: Ginseng is capable of helping the body making more nitric oxide. There are numerous studies that proved this very effect. Although it is more effective for men, there are a lot of women who found their sex drive improving after taking various types of ginseng.
  • Black Cohosh: It was used as an arthritis remedy in the past in addition to treating gynecological problems. Recently this remarkable plant is marketed as a remedy for vaginal dryness and for a number of menopausal symptoms.
  • Gingko: This plant is one of the most popular “remedy plants” in the whole world. They use it to treat different sexual problems and although it does not work for everyone, there are a lot of reported cases about patients having a lot of success with it.
  • Yohimbe: The substance is derived from the Yohimbe tree and it has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Thanks to its chemical qualities, it positively affects the brain, raising the comfort level and increasing the sexual drive.

Female Libido Talk

  • Maca: Maca is another well-known aphrodisiac. It is native to Peru with a long history of different uses, among those its ability to boost the libido.
  • Arginine with Ginseng: Supplements that incorporate a combination of those substances might be the most potent products on the market at the moment. A combination of Panax ginseng with L-arginine is probably the best choice that will almost surely create a positive effect.

The Side Effects Of HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

human growth hormoneUsing Human Growth Hormone for a long period to lose weight, build up muscles and slow down symptoms of aging normally triggers side effects.

Some of these are; pain in the joints and muscles, unusual growth of bones and changes in the metabolism of glucose.

Growth Hormone

  • The pituitary gland naturally produces growth hormone and determines the general growth of a person, both mentally and physically.
  • It affects how internal organs such as bones grow and greatly affects processes in the body such as division of cells, the metabolism of glucose and fat and the immune system as well.
  • When one is growing, this growth hormone is produced, and this increases in puberty then decreases after full maturation both physically and in the reproductive system.
  • This hormone has been used for a long time since early 20th century and became popular as a drug for improving performance. Human Growth Hormone has been given legal approval and certified as safe, if not used too excessively.

The Side Effects


  • This side effect is common and long lasting. It makes the facial bones grow too much and the jaw and eyebrow bones protrude. The feet and hands also grow abnormally. The body hair increases as well.
  • It is claimed that Human Growth Hormone prolongs your life, but acromegaly actually cuts short your lifespan and might lead to early death and aging prematurely.
  • The signs of acromegaly are headaches, fatigue, weakness in the muscles, pains in the joints and disruption of sleep patterns. It also makes toes and fingers large.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Research on how using HGH affects the physical aspect shows that carpal tunnel syndrome is among HGH’s side effects. In this case, the median nerve is pinched. This nerve extends from the forearm to palm.
  • This leads to the hands and grip becoming weak and numb. One experiences pain in the fingers and on the wrist as well.

human growth hormoneMore Side Effects

  • The stomach becomes big.
  • The appetite becomes more.
  • Level of cholesterol becomes high.
  • The distribution of fat is uneven.
  • Skin becomes dry and one experiences itchiness.
  • When human growth hormone is used for a very long time it can lead to diabetes, damage to the liver, enlargement of the heart and arteries become hard.
  • These side effects become worse when products which are not genuine are used. People who use the same needles for injecting themselves with HGH increase the risk of spreading diseases including HIV.

A Way Of Battling Erectile Dysfunction Without Medicine

http://penispumpworld.orgErectile dysfunction is a worldwide problem that involves tens of millions of men from all ages (although mainly above 40). Even though there are working medicinal solutions, they are rather pricey and in many instances, cannot be used because of a medical condition. Not to mention the possible side effects. For those who do not want to take those pills, vacuum constriction devices can offer a quality alternative. But what are those devices and what do they do to our body? How can they help us in creating the necessary circumstances for a healthy sex life?

The basics of vacuum constriction devices

Those devices have an external pump which is used to create and maintain the erection. In addition to the pump, the device also has a cylinder. That cylinder gets attached to the end of the penis. There is also a ring or a band which is important for the stimuli and proper placement.

  • At first you have to place the pump which later can be used manually, or the battery will take care of it.
  • Once the air is out the vacuum will draw the necessary blood into the penis which as a result will become erect.
  • Once an erection is achieved, place the band over the lower end of the penis, if needed a lubricant can be applied there to ease the process.
  • The last step is to take away the pump right after we have released the vacuum.

It is safe to use the device up to 30 minutes. It’s important to note here, there have been reports about injuries that has been caused by a malfunctioning (or isn’t properly working) part that either failed to release the vacuum or did not release it fast enough. A product that has a “quick release” feature will always be safer.

Although those devices obviously cannot fully guarantee a satisfaction level that would otherwise be achievable with “normal” intercourse, 50 to 80% of men are satisfied with them. Of course, as is usually the case with erectile dysfunction methods (including pills), the satisfaction level can decrease with time.

http://penispumpworld.orgRegardless, those devices certainly represent a safe, non-medicinal solution to erectile dysfunction and they are recommended even for people with diabetes. There are however some diseases that warrant some caution. The devices are not recommended for those who have some kind of bleeding disorder or another disease that makes priapism (painful, long-lasting erection) more probable.

How To Find The Best Hair Removal Product

Mediocrity simply can’t cut it when we’re talking about a hair removal product. A cream that we apply on our skin cannot be so-so quality because it may cause unwanted effects, not to mention it probably won’t get the job done which is a double-whammy. With the pricy (and often painful) laser treatments, there is a still a huge demand for those products. This – on one hand – is great. The companies have to stay competitive and come up with new ideas and of course they also have to keep their prices competitive.

On the other hand though, an influx of products will also lead to an increase when it comes to the number of the low-quality brands. The phenomenon is unavoidable, but we can still avoid those products with a little care and necessary research. Sifting through online reviews might not be the most ideal activity we can spend our time on, but if it results in a better experience when it comes to hair removal, it probably worth the hassle.

top rating hair removal cream productsWe got our product, what are the next steps?

So you got your product. Now comes the most important part, properly using it. This may sound ridiculous to some, but there are steps that need to be carefully taken before we start to apply the cream or starting to shave like there is no tomorrow.

  • Tip 1: It is absolutely recommended to prepare our skin and the hair before we start the removal process. Especially those whose skin gets easily irritated, need to take those precautions very seriously. The use of a quality pre-shave product may prevent the skin irritation. There are also oils that will soothe the skin and prepare it for the hair removal.
  • Tip 2: If we don’t want to or can’t use a pre-shave product, taking a shower is another good idea. Of course we can also combine the two, but one or the other is basically essential unless we’re ok with the skin irritation (who is?). A shower will ensure that your skin is soft and hydrated, ready for the epilator/hair removal cream.
  • Tip 3: Taking care of the skin after we removed the unwanted hair is just as important as the preparation was. There are excellent post-shave products out there, make sure you choose a brand that does not use any fragrance or if it does there are no unwanted chemicals in it.

Guidelines For Online Purchasing Of Private Label Diet Drops

Being overweight and obese is turning into a serious problem all over the world. Many of the adults who have a problem with their weight are consistently searching for methods to achieve their goal, as far as weight loss is concerned.

Most of them try diet drops to simplify this process. These products are widely available on the internet, such as the famous HCG, raspberry ketone, green coffee bean extract, African mango and many others.

They all provide verified results and assist dieters to lose weight in a short period of time.

Due to this, an increasing number of online companies sell supplements for weight loss and if you are involved in this you need to examine the options available for diet drops private label.

Tips For Selecting A Private Label Diet Drops Supplier

  • http://hcgdropsguide.orgThese items provide additional advantages for your business. They contain similar natural products found in other products, but the label features the name of your company and logo.
  • This enables you to increase the visibility of the brand and build a reputation in the market for weight loss.
  • When purchasing this kind of product to resell, it is important to select a supplier who will offer you a wide variety of products to select from.
  • You may need to grow your business later not just by selling supplements for weight loss but by increasing your customer base when you add natural supplements to your portfolio.
  • When supplying a product to customers, they expect specific results and if you supply a product of poor quality, the customer is not satisfied leading to bad reviews which hinders the general productivity of your company.
  • This is the reason you why you should take time to assess the companies you intend to include in your list of suppliers. This ensures that you get products of high quality and ideal customer service.
  • Study online forums and sites for independent reviews and read all you can on every company. This enables you to short list your search for one supplier.
  • After finding a diet drops private label supplier you may require to know how they conduct the process for printing and whether your name, contacts or logo information is included. Find out whether each label is created by an on-site designer or is customized to suit your particular business needs.


Always make sure that you have the private label supplier’s information on delivery. Study their ‘about us’ page and learn all you can about the supplier and why they are the best

For more information on this, visit http://hcgdropsguide.org.

HGH Supplementation For A Younger And Healthier Body

HGH or human growth hormone supplementation is more and more prevalent. Whether we want to admit it or not, people choose this method because it works. Athletes use it because they become stronger and better. They come back from injuries earlier. HGH promotes the increase of muscle mass and helps our cells to regenerate faster and more effectively, which can lead to a slowed down aging process. HGH is still a controversial topic, although it slowly but surely changes people’s mind.

What makes HGH supplements so great?

When something sounds too good to be true, it often is. Not always, however. Synthetic HGH is very efficient, but it costs tens of thousands of dollars and of course we need to have a medical reason that allows us to waltz in the doctor’s office with the hope of getting a prescription. This is where those supplements come into the picture.

human growth hormoneNow there are supplements on the market that are efficient, despite the fact that they have to be taken orally. That wasn’t always the case, but thankfully the methods with which they create those products came a long way in the last couple years.

The latest products don’t try to replace natural HGH because that is simply impossible with a pill and can only be achieved by injecting the real (or the synthetic) thing. Instead, they have created new formulas that can stimulate our body’s natural HGH production, making it possible to boost it with an oral supplement.

These products usually use a blend of amino acids that has one purpose once they are in our system, to increase our body’s natural HGH levels. To understand how those supplements can achieve those results let’s take a look at their ingredients.

  • L-Arginine HCL: That particular amino acid is capable of increasing our body’s nitric oxide (NO) levels. Little known fact however that it can do a lot more, among others being capable of increasing our natural growth hormone production.
  • L-Lysine HCL: This amino acid supports our blood vessels so they can deliver more oxygen to our muscles and organs.
  • Acetylcysteine: Another very important amino acid that helps maintaining our muscle mass while also improving our muscle’s endurance all that combined with its ability to promote fat loss.
  • L-Glutamine: Another amino acid that can be linked to increased GH levels. In addition to this ability, it also supports our immune system.

Natural Products To Enhance The Female Libido

Female Libido TalkLife moves at a very fast pace nowadays and there is a lot to deal with, such as bills, rent and deadlines. As a woman, being responsible for children, husband and eating healthy becomes overwhelming and in the evening all you want to do is rest at home.

Naturally, at times like this, you do not think of sex. However, you may want to change this situation and you wonder how to go about it as female libido talk does not come easily for most women.

There are various methods to restore your sex drive and these may be natural or medicinal.

What Leads To Low Libido?

It is common for women to experience low libido. Majority of women lack interest in engaging in sex although they reach orgasm without any problem. The reasons for this could be either physical or mental.

Psychological Factors

  • Being stressed, tense and depressed are psychological factors which cause diminished interest in sex. Other serious problems such as being abused sexually and rape can lead to this as well.
  • Tough living conditions and trauma experienced in childhood also lead to disinterest. Having a female libido talk with a counselor or psychiatrist can offer relief from such trauma.

Physical Factors

  • Abusing alcohol and drugs is very common in causing lack of interest in sex. Drugs for controlling diabetes and anemia also lead to this.
  • After giving birth, some women also find they do not feel like having sex.

Natural Enhancers for Libido

  • There are pills and medicine which can be utilized to enhance libido and some natural solutions as well which are easy to use and effective. Ashwagandha herb is similar to ginseng and is very effective.
  • Ginkgo Biloba assists in increasing the flow of blood to the private parts. It does this by raising the blood’s level of nitric oxide.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed) offers sexual stimulation also.
  • Hops extract enhances estrogen and gets rid of dryness in the vagina. It raises lubrication in the genitals and offers relief when one is experiencing complications from menopause.
  • Damiana extract makes the body relax and gets rid of fatigue and stress. It also assists in balancing the hormones in women.
  • Ginger assists in keeping the heart in a good condition and raises the flow of blood.

Female Libido TalkMore Remedies

  • Other natural methods of enhancing the sexual desire are use of scents which turn on men and women. Women find fragrances such as citrus, fruit and vanilla exciting.
  • Food can also stimulate the sexual senses. Chocolate consists of aphrodisiacs which women find irresistible. Others are red wine, caviar and fruits such as strawberry and grapes.

Effective Creams For Getting Rid Of Facial Hair In Women

top rating hair removal cream productsIt can be a challenge for women to find a cream to remove facial hair which is effective. Facial hair is unattractive for women and can affect one’s self esteem and rate of confidence.

There are many creams available in the market, so a woman should be able to select top rating hair removal cream products so as to select the most effective.

Creams For Removing Hair

  • It can be painful when attempting to remove hair from the body, such as when using methods like waxing. Everyone wants to avoid this pain and creams offer a way of removing hair which is pain free.
  • Many creams for removing facial hair in women are not expensive and can be found in various shops which sell beauty products or departmental stores as well.

Qualities Of Good Hair Removal Creams

So as to buy top rating hair removal cream products examine what advantages the particular product will provide. To determine this, consider the following points:

  • Using the product should be easy.
  • The creams should also be utilized on different parts of the body and be able to remove hair fast without causing pain.
  • The cream should be able to get rid of hair from the legs, eyebrows and upper lips.
  • Effective hair removal creams should not harm the skin and should not cause red swellings or razor burns.
  • The hair which grows back should be thin and not noticeable.

Various Effective Creams For Hair Removal


This cream can be bought via prescription. It is approved by FDA and when used between 4 to 8 weeks twice a day, it decreases the level of growth of hair.


This hair removal cream is said to get rid of hair in a fast, pain free manner and leads to reduced hair growth. Revitol has a special combination of plant extracts which are bioactive.

These penetrate the follicles of the hair and split them softening the shaft of the hair. This decreases the thickness of the hair.

top rating hair removal cream productsSurgi Cream

Surgi cream is popular and is manufactured depending on the various kinds of skins. It consists of papaya, aloe vera, pro-vitamin B2 and citrus. These ingredients assist in soothing the skin after using the cream and provide it with moisture.


This cream consists of sunflower seeds and this ingredient offers moisture to the skin also. It is very useful in removing hair from the upper lips.


These creams do not have a permanent effect and hair will still grow. Consult your dermatologist prior to choosing the cream or other products for removing hair.